Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013


The researchs that are done by JCUS are admitted in international. JCU is the leading tropical research university. By doing so many researchs, it means that the lectures not only think in innovative and critical way but also are high-quality and professional. Student also equipped to think in critical way to solve problems and communicate and use the information and technology effectively. All of them will be useful not only when sstudents want to apply a job but also when they work in the future. JCUS is famous because of its friendliness, warmth, solidarity, and spirit of caring. It has been proven by the lecturers who are friendly and close to students. It is all done because the college wants the students become a person who are attentive and become the best. JCUS also gives a new laptop to the students who are qualified to make them easier to support the study. If you have finished your stud in JCUS, your degree is internationally approved. Moreover, if you are graduated from JCUS, there will be more than 7000 multi-national acompany which have their main office in Singapore. Beside that, each student wiil get Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate and have a chance to live for 1 year in Singapore to find a job. JCUS offers so many interesting programs. One of them is you canfinish your study in 2 years for undergraduate programs and 1 year for post graduate programs. The curriculum that is used in JCUS follows the same curriculum in JCUA. Students who study in JCUS will graduate with Australian degree without studying in Australia. Students in JCUS also can be transfered to study in Australia for all of the course or only for particular time. JCUS operations are governed by EduTrust. EduTrust is a quality sertification scheme in Singapore introduced by the Ministry of Education as part of the Private Education Act to strengthen the existing registration framework and enforcement provision to regulate the private education sector in Singapore. The campus also has so many clubs and activities that you can join in as a student at JCUS just like accounting club, archery club, badminton club, book bite club, and many more. To support the good programs, JCUS has equipped the campus with full facilities. Each classroom eqquiped with OHP projectors, LCD projectors, motorized screen, whiteboard , and flip-charts. JCUS has not only classroom with full facilities but also library eqipped with 20 computers and printing facilities, computers labs, research labs for experiment, research, and discussion, lecturers theatres, open access lab, students lounge, trellis areas for students sports and recreation. Besides, everybody can access wifi wherever they are within the campus. JCUS also has a off campus hostel which offer cheap accomodation for students who study abroad in JCUS. Instead of the campus, the country is one of the factor that are considered. Singapore, which has a good standartd of living, is one of the best and ideal place to study and work. It is easy to access the public places such as library, book stores, transportation, center of education and research, accomodation, and others. The number of crime in Singapore is classified low. Singapore also has so many recreation areas which has stunning and relaxing view that can relieve stress because of studying. You are going to the college after graduate from senior high school. Some of you had ever thought to continue your study in the other country, for example is Singapore. There are so many colleges in Singapore and one of them is JCUS. JCUS is owned by JCUA. The university is ranked in the top 4% of university in the world. In my opinion JCUS is a good place to study abroad. There are some reasons why you should go to JCUS to study abroad. In short, JCUS is a good place to study abroad because of the high-quality and professional lecturers, a good campus life, good carrer, interesting programs, good facilities, and the conditions in Singapore. In addition, JCUS also offers information and technology subject which I want to apply for. So JCUS is good place to study abroad.