Jumat, 04 November 2011


Where are you now?
Where are your messages?
You still remember me, right?
You don't forget me, don't you?
Why don't you tel me how are you?
Where is your "Good morning, my princess" ?
You always say like this every night, "Good night, my princess, you must go to bed now, if you don't, you'll be tired, 'cause tomorrow will be a hard day, have a sweet dream and remember it, 'cause I wanna hear about your dream, good night honey, see you on Friday :)". But, where is it? I never receive it anymore, where? where? Are you busy, my prince? If you're busy, I can understand it. But, you still remember me as you girlfriend, right? Or, you've forgotten me as your girlfriend, haven't you? Are you upset to me because I reply your message in a long time? I do it because I'm still studying in the class or in the course. If I reply your message during the lesson, my teacher will take my phone, and it won't be mine anymore, so we can't tell about how are we today. Do you know, my prince, that I wanna meet you, I wanna hear your voice, wanna see your awesome face?Do you know ti, my prince? huh? Do you know it? Can you understand me, my prince? huh? Can you? I trust you more than I trust my friends. I really, really trust you. I always feel invisible if I'm around or sitting near my friends. But, I always visible if I'm around you, if I sit near you, if I'm right beside you, my prince. Please, notice me, my prince, please, please. Please don't let me what is "hate", what is "lie", what is "disappointed", what is "pointless", what is "need", and what is "bad". But the most important is, just don't ever let me what is "HURT". I only want it, not others, only that, my prince, yes, only that. Thanks a lot for all of your advices. Thanks a lot, my prince, thank you very much. I hope we always can be together forever ever after. And I'm here, still waiting for you, still feeling that you're here, and still thinking of you. I do it all with my heart, not with my brain. Thank you :') :)

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